Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Responses from Publishers

Before acquiring my agent I had queried several small presses for publication. A few rejections, but an overwhelming number of offers. Quite frankly, I'm astounded at the number and the speed at which they came in. In a week-and-a-half period I literally had FIVE offers. It's pretty staggering considering some criticism I've had by a one or two people I let read some. They weren't publishers, or agents or anything of that sort, but one was an editor. Anyway, before I actually started to delve into the 'business' I used what is called head-hopping. If you're reading this blog you probably know what that is.

Most people have told me it's not confusing, some have, and honestly I like it. Having read numerous books with 'head-hopping' I find it a great way to learn all the characters, and how they interact with each other, and how they truly compare and contrast each other.

Anyway, four of the five publishers were great to communicate with, all very professional, and though one contract was outlandishly poor, I passed. My agent is currently shopping it in NYC, and I have full faith in his advice and abilities. He's a big timer.

One publisher that I passed on replied with a scathing remark. I must use the word "astounded" again. I inquired about an advance, and was informed by this publisher: 'No, advances are given on an author's merit and ability to sell." want to publish my book, but don't believe I have any merit or ability to sell? I found it rather silly, and honestly a bit rude. Mind you I had asked politely...sort of I guess..."What type of advance can I expect?" Nothing too insulting, I think.

There were some other passive-agressive comments made, but I don't want to get into that, nor name this publisher or the email's sender.

I'm a newbie to the business, and maybe I was out of line?

All the other small presses were very easy to deal with.

I guess my point is that though our books should be written with marketability in mind, write what you want. My second book I've opted not to use head-hopping, but I still think it's fine.

This is the end of my ramblings :)

So, Farewell,  keep on writing, and make sure your pen has ink!

PS My cousin is up for the Good Reads Choice Awards for the Best Historical Novel, BECOMING MARIE ANTOINETTE so, everyone should go vote for her at this address!

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