Monday, November 14, 2011

First Post...A Nice Little Surprise

As the title says, this is my first post. Though I'm unaccustomed to in never, I figured I would give it a try. Now that that's over with, I can get to my nice little surprise!

I'm currently taking a course at Harvard and going for an ALM in Creative Writing, so it's fair to say it's difficult. So far, we have to write a number of analytical essays about the Gothic story we had just read (oh by the way it's a course on Gothic literature lol). I'm easily bored...just the way I am, and instead of beginning another paper with the same old thesis and then motive and then...etc. I switched it up, and began with the following creative excerpt:

"A woman breaks free from the darkened field, bounding into the looming woods beyond. She dares not look back in fear of the madman on her heels. Thick copious trees conceal the moonlight, drowning our heroine in darkness. A baleful laugh resonates through the heavy night air a tone as deep as a pit whose depth is beyond human imagining. Our heroine stops, muscles exhausted, breath sharp, and turns to find, looming over her, the madman."

As a funny poke at myself, I made a remark following this excerpt: "This poorly written prose is the convention of a Gothic novel..." Not funny? Well, too bad, I thought it was funny!

Anyway, when I get the paper back, my professor had commented: "Not poorly written at all. It's fantastic and poignant." She even, later on, said I have an ear for language and am a great writer. 

So, that was a nice little surprise! Especially since I'm frantic about having to get the mandatory B+ to pass the class :-\

I'll leave you with something I heard the other day that made me laugh. My niece and I are sitting at the kitchen table talking, and of course she's on her iPod, DS, or some other smart phone thing and blurts out, "I'm not paying five smurfberries for THAT!" 

Now that's funny! Lol

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