Wednesday, March 14, 2012


I forgot to add this snippet of info. Alas! My agent was forced to step back due to his major health issues. Though it's a bummer, I only hope he gets better! 

I started that ever so daunting task of querying again. Having an agent will probably give me a good boost in acquiring another one.

The publishing industry is achingly slow, so the best thing to deal with the wait is to keep writing!

I'm already outlining my third book (the second in a planned trilogy starting with my second book. Sounds confusing right?). However, I'll probably hold actually writing the second installment in case the first one does not sell. If the first in the trilogy doesn't sell, why would the second?

Of course, I could make the second book a stand-alone, but then I would have refocus on introducing all the characters, which were explored in the first one. I might do that, to be honest.

However, I also love writing short stories. This may sound arrogant or stupid or both, but I find writing short stories easy. I wrote the one I just sold in under two hours, not counting the editing afterwards.

I'll post later about why and how short stories come more naturally to me. 

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