My grandfather was the greatest man I've known, and will undoubtedly EVER know. WWII hero, oversaw the Landsberg DP Camp, and quite frankly, a father to me. He always provided support in all facets of life, and his wisdom was far beyond what many people can hope to possess. If you're interested in his life you should google Irving Heymont, and you will be overwhelmed by the articles and other news, awards, etc. that will pop up. There are just too many for me to list.

Anyway, one of the many great qualities about him was his assertiveness. If something was wrong, he would be the first one to file a complaint. And he did this often...the number of complaints he levied against waiters, workers, companies, drivers, etc. was staggering.

However, he was just as easily to recommend and compliment those who deserved it. At his remembrance many army personal attended, not surprising since he was a head huncho and the service was held on a military base!

His doctor came and introduced herself, and recounted or rather was unable to recount the number of times he had called her superior officers to recommend her for recognition. She stated she had the most citations at her hospital just from being his doctor alone. That was just him...quick to condemn and sanctify.

Back to the point, the website is a watchdog site for authors and various others in the business. It lists warnings and recommendations for agents, publishers, magazines, and such things. It's been an invaluable tool to me, and I'm sure many others. Receving a number from offers from publishers, all of which so far my agent and I passed on, some were incredibly professional, friendly and offered fair contracts. They just weren't for me at this time.

I thought the publishers who are extraordinarily great to deal with, offered fair contracts, etc. should be recognized and not just those that fall short. So, this past publisher, I wrote in a recommendation stating why I thought they deserved one.

My point is, often we complain and nitpick and hate and basically tear down those we feel aren't up to our potential. I'm guilty of this too from time to time. However, I learned from my grandfather is it is just as import or even MORE important to recognize those who deserve it.

So complain as much as you like, but in fairness compliment just as much.

Farewell,  keep on writing, and make sure your pen has ink!

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John Daulton said...

My grandpa was a pilot in WWII, and I too think he is probably the greatest man I will ever know. I mean, I like to think I have a lot of years left, so I'm open to meeting new and amazing people, but so far, his has been a tough act to follow. He just passed away right before the new year. He will be greatly missed, but like he told me in the hospital, he'd had a great run and regretted nothing. Brave and cool right to the last second. Cheers to them both, yours and mine.

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