Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Today, I finished my analytical paper on Frankenstein for my class at Harvard. When I typed the last word and clicked save, I let loose a sigh of relief. Writing it wasn't the hard part, the in-text citations and the mountainous pressure on my back was the trouble. One minute mistake and it's plagiarism, and the structure needs to be on point.

Anyway, I sat back and soaked in the scene...man my desk was a mess! Books and papers strewn everywhere! I honestly can't figure out how there was room for my laptop. It reminded me of something someone once told me: "Cleanliness is happiness." A perversion of that old adage we all know and love but it, as well, is true.

Living in chaos in frustrating enough, but having to write in it is worse. Humans are social creatures, our happiness stems from both external and internal forces. We need safety, food, shelter, relationships and all that good stuff.

Our creative minds have needs too. They vary (somewhat) from person to person, but we all need a clear mind...a sense of calm and like many things, "calm" can mean many things. Some people find that calmness in mess...even soothed by it (not me), but it takes that serenity for our ever tinkering minds to plow through the jumbled thoughts caused by stress. Find that calm...Goose fraba.

My mind's drawing a blank right now...the dog is barking to go out...I can't think with it :). 

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